Saturday, October 22, 2016


Americans Against Corruption Reports were alerted by a informant early in 2016 as to the "time-warp" activities ongoing at the "Old-Town La Quinta" California complex of stores, restaurants and office space then headed by Berlin Born Wells Marvin.

We were advised that this guy Marvin apparently perceived himself as a SS officer under Hitler, and marched around the Old Town Complex "barking" orders and demands as if he was the commander of Auchwitz. Our Informants reported that Marvin enters stores and restaurants making unwarranted demands, bullying tenants, abusing shoppers, and if a tenant does not succumb to Marvin's often wild demands, they are targeted, harassed and maligned with the Marvin intent to interfere with the Shopkeepers rights.

Marvin, as a kid was brought up as a spoiled "mamas-boy" in Berlin. He was as a kid, backward and socially inept. It is apparent by Marvin's conduct, he learned the Natzi bullyism and warped and perverted manner early on and this decorum has festered in Marvin and blossomed into a warped and twisted adult.

Marvin had a tenant/restaurant at Old Town known as "Hogs-Breath Inn" a restaurant created by actor Clint Eastwood. Marvin began to harass the Manager of Hogs-Breath. We have been told this Marvin perverted abuse was spawned by Marvin's demands for free "Eats". True to form, when Marvin does not get what he wants, he begins his crusade of harassment, threats, and other invidious acts. You see, Marvin is just like all Bullys, they will bo as far as you allow them. If these sociopaths see that you succumb to their abuses they will escilate their infected tactics until you are "toast". On the other hand, if you "spit-in-their-eye" they will back off and run crying to "mother". Marvin is a adulterated unprincipled and evil man. He is a frustrated wana-be social outcast. He lived in Ankara turkey for a number of years after Berlin and Marvin used his Nazi training in Turkey as to how to abuse and mistreat women.

When Marvin came to America, his "die was cast" as a bully, a tainted diabolic bastard. he then went to a third-rate law school "Santa-Clara U" a un-accredeted Law-School. Got his "Mail-order Degree and then met and married Karen. Marvin's depraved activities apparently became far to much for Karen to endure. Marvin's personal deamons got the better of him. His personal and physical ineptness caused Marvin to escilate his mistreatment of Karen, and of his associates.

Marvin, by a stroke of luck and timing and some underhanded macinations along with others with money built Old Town Complex. This was a "Perfect-Storm" for Marvin the Bully, Sociopath and fraudster. Marvin glad-handed the local politicians, lured many as tenants and created a "time-warp" complex in La Quinta, and commenced running it like Auchwitz. the montra: "IT IS MARVIN'S WAY OR THE HIGHWAY". But with Marvin it is worse than "a Highway" If Marvin feels that you are not subservient enough to his polluted whims he will target you, your business, your clients, patrons and your ability to conduct your business.

Marvin, we have been advised has targeted many including Hogs-Breath, until they had enough and vacated their space in Old Town. We have interviewed a number of Old Town Tenants and all of them Fear Marvin and his Reprisal if they speak out about Marvins Comandant Natzi abuses.

Marvin has become even more depraved as he has been cuckolded by a number of his female companions we are told even his wife, who divorced Marvin. Then has long time "gal-Pal" could not take Marvin's socially inept conduct and pompus-ass decorum so she abandoned poor Marvin, so his frustrations, and his being abandoned by women has made a man rittled with inferiority complexes to finally "go over the ledge". Marvin knows that he is desperate for illusive love as no woman wants a phony, a bully and a cheap unethical odd-ball. So Marvin takes out his rejections on others.

We have learned that Marvin has recently abused his position, lureing innocent Artists and designers into a supposed Art Fair and has concocted Agreements that ate against Public Policy, illegal and deprives a person who has the misfortune to be conned by Marvin, from any recourse when Marvin cheats them.

We have been apprised of recent misconduct by a number of Old-Town Tenants who were accused of Conversion of customer property, assault, battery, thnd thefts. When Marvin and his minion Kevin Dolan were advised of these criminal acts, rather than take action against the tenants Marvin and his pimp Kevin Dolan Targeted the Informant, threatened him, abused and extorted him by phone, and email and has used acts of thefts of rights, chicanery and retaliation to try and deprive the Informant of his Civil Rights and recind Agreements that are legally Binding on Marvin and Old Town.

Marvin then states that he is "CONNECTED" and he will use ihd Big-shot lawyers Slovak Baron Bmpy Murphy Pinkery, to further extort, file for a unfounded Restraining Order and other abuses of the law to cover-up Marvin's own illegal conduct and the criminal activities of His own Tenants.

Marvin has no problem "Ripping-Off" anyone he can to saciate his lust for self unjust enrichment and self boasting. Marvin is a "little-man" unacceptable by the Social World he so desperately wants to be a part of, Not the Desert world but the Bright Lights of New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Berlin and Switzerland. Marvin dreams of being a "big-boy" socialite with a beautiful woman in his bed.

Marvin sadly is a socially inept depraved who is relegated to one of these "Blow-up" sex toys that look like a beautiful dame but deflates as Marvin does. So Marvin continues "business as usual" pushing his  flabby bulk around and tries to make his day a bit better by threatening, extorting, embezzling and cheating others who are less able to protect themselves or who are stuck into a Marvin Self_Styled unethical Lease Agreement a-la Marvin.

Marvin has now found himself in a very grave problem as he has recently threatened and extorted a person who will not countenance Marvin's evil and warped Flim-Flam and who has already caught Marvin in a scheme to embezzle rights and cover-up various illegal enterprises ongoing at Old Town and under the aegis of Marvin who like the Mafia Don gets a Piece of everything ongoing at Old Town legal or illegal.

Marvin feels complacent with his lawyers SBEMP, and his "connections" but this shady dealer, Marvin is in for a big surprise, as we have his MO, his fraudulent acts, his pathetic background and his corrupt activities.

It is sad that a pathetic "love-starved" monster Mr Wells Marvin, with a dilusional mind is thus far permitted to extort, abuse and double-deal citizens of La Quinta and America. A visual examination of this disgrace to the rights of others, will reveal a pig-faced flabby and warped pervert. A examination of Marvin's conduct, misconduct and rampant threats, lies, cheating and extortion reveals a penny-ante thief, cheating persons who can not defend themselves in retort of Marvin's larceny. So this swindler has gotten away with his lunacy and larceny until now.

We and our Affiliates are engaged in a full investigation into Old Town, Marvin, his extortion, bribery, tax evasion, Mafia style abuses, cheating a worse. This is the beginning Expose about the Depraved Individual Wells Marvin and his Enterprises of looting, thefts and decay.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Dr John Siebert has been convicted as a sex predator and a morally unfit Doctor by every Hospital and Medical Institution that Siebert has been associated with. He has been convicted by the NY State Department of Health in 2013, after Siebert was charged by the State as a Sex Pervert and mollester of Patients. Siebert Confessed, found to be "MORALLY UNFIT", and kicked out of NY State as a Doctor.

Siebert was evicted out of 5 NY Hospitals, Fired by NYU_ Langone Hospital, Fired from Lenox Hill Hospital and all others in NY State and every where else in the USA. Siebert has ZERO Medical Standing or access to the Operating Rooms of any Legitimate Medical institution in America, except one, UW HOSPITAL in Madison Wisconsin.

Dr Joh Siebert is a masogenist, a sex predator, a pedophile a convict of sex crimes, and a pervert who has molested and injured over a dozed Patients at multiple Hospitals. UW Hospital has been provided this Proof, Victim Patient Affidavits, NY State Removal of Siebert as a sex offender, proof that Siebert is a sociopath, perjurer, tax thief, sex rapist of his patients emotions, money and bodies.

Siebert was caught engaging ion sex with patients in Clinic Examing Rooms, Phone Sex, stalking Patients, Extiorting some who testified against Siebert at various Sex Trials and Hearings where Siebert was found GUILTY of Sex Crimes, yet UW Hospital keeps this sex criminal on their Staff.

Scams Inc has delivered to Ron Slawinski, UW President, the UW Trustees and Faculty, for over 6 years, proof of Siebert's Convictions, Terminations, sex acts and Affidavits from Siebert's Victims.

Victims of Siebert have provided proof that Siebert has swindled Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, Bill Padding, unauthorized sale and use of Narcotics, sex assaults on patients who have wittnessed Siebert's acts of being a "pedophile". Siebert was charged as a Pedophile and Investigated and is now in the "PEDOPHILE DATABASE IN THE USA".

Siebert has been convicted of Tax Fraud and Evasion. Siebert has been verified as a Perjurer. Siebert has been engaged in bribery, Stalking, extortion, embezzling, criminal Racketeering, and interstate threats.

Siebert was Convicted and a Permanent Restraining Order was imposed upon Siebert for hie Internet Threats of Murder, and Investigated by Law Enforcement. Thus a Superior Court Judge Issued a Permanent Restraining Order Nationwide against Siebert, that he has violated recently and may soon be arrested and tried for such violations.

Siebert is aman who knows no boundaries. He is Unfit to be a Doctor anywhere. He has no self control, he has no morals.

Recently, UW Hospital and Siebert began to Con the widow Of Mr Hendricks who inherited a fortune. UW Hospital knowing Siebert's Complete Criminal Background, but inorder to loot and rob Hendricks and others, UW Hospital Published and disseminated a Bogus and fraudulent PRESS RELEASE, lying and stating that Siebert has a "pristine background, is a researcher and a preeminent surgeon. This Fraud lured Hendricks to "Donate' to UW Hospital over $2Million, and to Hire as a Director of Hendricks Medical Foundation "Research Division".

UW Hospital in concert with Sex predator and thief Siebert simply ganged up on Hendricks, lied and cheated in the Press Release and robbed over $2Million, by a criminal Fraud, Mail and Wire Fraud and Violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343, Federal Crimes.

UW Hospital must be held accountable for not only acting in concert with Siebert a convicted sex predator, but a convicted tax cheat, a perjurer, cheat and worse.

There can be little or no doubt that UW Hospital condones Siebert's sex crimes, sexual assaults and battery, and condones Siebert's frauds in conning Diane Hendricks. UW Hospital and it's Trustees are no less guilty of Criminal Fraud than Siebert, UW President Ron Slwinski and others on UW Faculty, all who turn a Bilnd-Eye to Siebert's Crimes.

UW KNOWS that Siebert is and has been a Creiminal for well over 7 years, yet, UW welcomes Siebert to continue his perversions and Larceny.

UW Hospital Knows that Siebert is a Fraud regarding PARRY ROMBERG SYNDROME. Siebert engages in charlatan swindles by giving desperate parents heart-sick as to the facial deformities of their kids due to Parry.

So Siebert concocted a bogus syrhery that is a sham, charges a fortune, UW Hospital makes out like a Bandit with OR , Rooms, and other services, while Siebert butchers these Kids.

It is well known in the Medical Profession that Parry is incurable and surgery is contra-indicated until the Progression ceases. Any Surgery before that is like trying to mix "oil and water". No matter how hard you Mix, in seeconds, it separates.

Siebert this socip[oath-pig, forces these desperate Famlies to raise money by selling their Possessions, have "Street-Fairs" etc to give Siebert the thief these Persons "Blood-Money".

If Siebert were a Legitimate Doctor, which he is not and never has been, Siebert would Donate his time for free to aid these kids. Rather Siebert and UW Hospital exploits these persons for their own unsust enrichments.

Scams Inc Investigations are being given by Siebert Patient-Victins Audio Recordings of Siebert engaging in phone sex with the Victims. We are also being given som additional photos of Siebert "Masturbating" taken by another Siebert Victim.

As soon as these are received and evaluated Scams Inc and All of it's Affiliated Sites will Publish all of these pieces of evidence so all can see the REAL SEX PERVERT-PREDATOR JOHN SIEBERT.

UW Hospital and it's Trustees are no less Unfit and are sex predators themselves for allowing this manifestly unqualified  medical huckster-carpetbagger JOHN SIEBERT to rape, loot and extort innocent Patients that enter UW Hospital for Medical Care.