Saturday, January 23, 2016


Americans Against Corruption and its Affiliate Scams Inc, etc., have been Investigating George Pavia and his wife Antonia and others for about 10 plus years, in connection with their tax evasions, thefts of their tenants rights, including Rent Stabilization, extortion, harassing tenants and lying, cheating and scheming to avoid Stabilization at their Brownstone 18 east 73 Street NYC stealing money and other frauds and racketeering.

A intelligent senior citizen on the 3rd floor in the Pavia Brownstone, in about 2001 inquired of George who engaged in a series of transparent lies and deceptions. The tenant hired Rosenberg & Estes Esqs and began a Proceeding at the DHCR. Pavias opposed by proffering lies, filing forged records and hiring convict contractor Ted Kohl of Herbert Construction to submit about 4 perjured Affidavits. The Pavias lost and Rent Stabilization was granted.

Then the Pavia's began a crusade beginning in about 2002-2003 and still ongoing, in a scheme to lie, cheat, bribe, extort to disenfranchise this man and other tenants of their entitlements to Rent Stabilization. Scams Inc, Scamraiders and Americans Against Corruption Report have published dozens of Reports about the documented Pavia Frauds, Racketeering, bribery of Judges, stealing this tenant's Medical Malpractice Settlement by collusion with another Judge in the NYState Supreme Courthouse, in NYC. The Pavias were exposed and convicted at the Dept. of Buildings and at the ECB Court, NYC for perjury, Filing false Documents,  illegal Pavia construction at 18 E 73 St on the 3rd floor (where the objecting tenant resided and who spent a fortune improving and decoration), resulting in 8 Violations of Hazardous conditions and not cured by Pavias.

Rather than make the mandated corrections to the illegal Pavia construction the Pavis lied and cheated the DOB and the ECB Court by filing a false and perjured "Certificate of Correction" falsely Swearing that ALL corrections were made, when in fact none were made or attempted by the Pavias. A subsequent DOB Inspector Inspection confirmed this Pavia Fraud and Perkury and additional Violations were issued by the DOB and Heard at the ECB Court.

Pavia and his Lawyer Itkowitz were scheduled but at the last minute Itkowitz cancelled (for obvious reasons) and Corrupt lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez appeared with George Pavia. The Hearing began and the tenant on the 3rd floor was in the hearing room as well. Pavia at the beginning og the Hearing admitted that a false Certificate of Correction was filed. Thereafter Photos and testimony of DOB Inspectors Proved that the Certificate was a wilfull fraud and a attempt to continue hazardous conditions. Pavias were found Guilty of Fraud, Perjury, Filing False Documents, and Imperiling Tenant on floor 3 and other tenant's Safety. They were Fined $200.00 and directed to make immediate repairs. Again the Pavias refused. They were issued more Violations and again Lied at ECB Court and Fines Issued and Orders to Repair.

Meanwhile, knowing Pavias would be sunk in any Legitimate Court with this Evidence, Pavia, Madden, Itkowitz and Gomez conspired to have Madden conduct a sham "in-Limmini" Hearing to Preclude all evidence at the DOB and ECB Court. This type of Hearing is usually used in criminal cases to preclude damaging extrinsic evidence about a defendants past acts that would prejudice a jury. Not for the purpose to  fraudulently purge necessary proof that the Pavias were liars, cheats and that the tenant was "constructively evicted" by Pavias's negligence, fraud and lies at ECB Court.

Madden allowed this charade as she was bribed and fixed. The witness from the DOB had never been at 18 E 73 St, and was bribed by Pavia to lie. Madden refused to allow any Inspector or ECB Findings to be heard and then Precluded all of them. Madden also concocted a bogus Nusuance claim against this 70 year old tenant in violation of the nusuance statute. then Pavia filed a criminal charge claiming the same "nusuance". The phony charge was Dismissed "with prejudice" at the Criminal Court by the DA and the ADA referred to Pavia as "A NUT CASE". Then Pavia tried it again at DHCR and we denied.

Fixed Madden then Denied the Tenant's Motion seeking dismissal of the nusuance claim in her Court, as it was denied bgy 2 other Courts before illegal assertion in the Madden Court. Anyone knows when a person is exonerated of a charge in one court, the same charge-claim can not be relitigated over again. This is "forum-shopping", "double-dipping" and Res-judicata-Collateral-estoppel.

Illegally Madden denied the tenant's Motion in violation of Law. Madden was and is a part of this criminal Racketeering scheme and has engaged in diabolic judicial larceny, fraud and corruption ton aid in the Pavia's obtiainin over $20million in unjust racketeering enrichments. The tenant and others lost btheir apartments, rent stabilization was lost as a result of Madden's fraudulent use of her courtroom to fulfill a fix for the Pavias, by depriving equal justice and in the process polluting the entire courthouse and engaging other thefts of this man's med-mal proceeds of $230,000, and his unconditional claims of now  $50million, with Interest memoralized by Notarized Agreements, and other recorde against a Pavia Pal, a convicted sex offender John Siebert.

Records have been received from FOIL Requests delivered by ECB Court and others that prove the Pavia's engaged in deception,  cover-up of ECB determinations of Pavia's perjury, filing False Certificate of Corrections, cheating and failing to repair Hazardous conditions at 18 E 73 St NYC.

The FOIL Turn-Over reveals Communications to and from George Pavia where George attempts, bu Mail Fraud, to lis and con The ECB and falsely state that Antonia did not sign the phony Certif. of Corrections and they were forgeries. This was a blatant lie made by George to a Court and by Mail.

The ECB wrote George back with 2 Letters on Sept. 28, 2006, Stating in clear words the Pavia is a liar, and that the Transcript of the subject Hearings prove that George at the beginning of the Hearing admitted on the Recording that in fact Antonia herself signed the perjured Certificate of Corrections and that she lied that all mandated corrections of Hazardous conditions at 3rd Floor 18 E. 73 St NYC were in fact NOT MADE at all. That George thereafter schemed to lie and try and cover-up these criminal frauds. We have these and other Letters and Tapes.

Despicably, all of this and more was Precluded by a  crooked Judge Joan Madden who threw the Rules of Law, Due Process and the Rights and Safety of the Tenant and others in the Toilet to pocket a fis from corrupt Sociopaths Antonia and George Pavia and their Fixer, bag-men, adulterated lawyers Itkowitz and Gomez.

THe Pavias filed false records at DHCR, concocted a phony leak, lied cheated and organized a racketeering enterprise, bought off Madden JSC and her court who precluded material proofs, bribery of others, hiding and disallowing material evidence condoning illegal Blogs set-up by Gomez and Pavia and others to extort this tenant, harass his doctors, family and cause madden to write dozens of Flawed and legally incorrect Decisions and Orders to disenfranchise Due Process and fulfill JSC Joan Madden Fixed Marching Orders, "Screw this man at all costs, steal his money, his rights, malign him and  railroad him in the NY Supreme Court and at the Appellate Div. 1st Dept. Madden, a spiteful corrupt disgrace to the NY judiciary went out of the way to deprive this man of equal justice.

In Sum, the guy was convinced of the Racketeering Enterprise a long while ago and assembled 10 years of evidence which the Puzzle is complete and has now revealed, in living color,the entire Scam.

We will soon begin to post some of tis evidence, and remember we are now working on three  one hour Programs that will provide the road-map of NY State Political and Judicial Corruption in NY State spanning the 1700's to the Present. There will be full exposes, Interviews and much more.

We hate corruption and crooks like the Pavias and Corrupt NY State Judges and we will continue to Expose and Report them in our Publications and to the Federal Prosecutors

Friday, January 15, 2016


Jay Itkowitz Esq and wife Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq (hereafter "Itkowitz"), have been active in misusing the Courts for years, abusing unsophisticated rent-controlled and rent stabilized tenants, engaging in litigation abuses, harassment and forms of extortion, in order to 'empty" residential and commercial rental properties for often unscruptilous owners and landlords. Itkowitz functions like Mob-Hitmen. They ar and we have evidence of their lies, fraud, surpression of evidence. compromising Judges, incessant harassing Motions so that a unsuspectiog tenant with limited assets simply can not hold-up tto the Itkowitz extortion paper-blitz. By Itkowitz Bullying and harassment they hammer down a poor stabilized tenant and extort their rights an apartment or shop from them.

Itkowitz is now also a proven cheat, perjurer, and who has engaged in repeated Mail and Wire Fraud. We have spent over 11 years documenting the racketeering activities of Itkowitz. We have assembled Pleadings, Court Records, Records from the Department of Buildings and the NY ECB Court where all Violations of NY Buildings are heard.

We have carefully investigated the background of Itkowitz, and much more. As a result we at Scams Inc, Americans Against Corruption Reports and our affilliates have sufficient evidence to state without any reservation that Jay and Michelle Itkowitz have been engaged in a enterprise of Documented fraud on the courts, trickery, suppression of evidence, perjury, suborning perjury, mail and wire fraud, fixing judges, covering up ECB Court and DOB findings of hazardous conditions, forgery, false filings and suborning client perjury and securing third-parties to engage in fraud and perjury. These acts by Itkowitz have been in connection with Cases in Supreme Court NY Count and before Judge Joan Madden, who was compromised by Itkowitz and George Pavia from the outset of these Cases. The Tenant involved has demanded that his name not be used, thus we will cal him Mr. Jones.

We have written many Reports about the Pavia's corruption, fraud, perjury and courthouse grand larceny. Itkowitz began his perverted frauds by concocting that the Pavia's who lived directly below Jones had a leak caused by Jones, above, and that Jones refused Pavia Access. Thus Itkowitz falsy claimed in a Court Complaint Verified by Pavias, that they suffered ove $40,000 in damages, etc.

The Case was curiously assigned to Itkowitz old friend from L & T Court, now a Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden. Itkowitz orchestrated this sham as he concocted a fake leak, concocted a $40K bogus claim, so that he could get the Case into Supreme rather than L & T Court and then caused the Case to be Steered to his pal "Fixed-Madden". In fact Itkowitz advertised on his Blog that "Pavia will do anything to get Jones Out". Why? Jones had secured Rent-Stabilization legally and via the DHCR and Pavia went wild. AS he could not sell the 18 E 73St Brownstone with Rent-Stabilized tenants.

So Itkowitz and known cheat and perjurers George and Antonia Pavia formed a "un-Holy Alliance.

Madden was recruited and the rest is History.  Here is a list of fraud, perjury, suppressing evidence perjury, bribery, thefts of rights, ignoring hazardous conditions at Jones home and Found to be such by DOB Inspectors and ECB Court convictions of Pavia, forgery, perjury, preclusion of material evidence refusal to disqualify herself---Madden, allowing non existant claims that were litigated in other courts and Barred and refusal to dismiss Pavia's bogus claim of leaks, after deposition where Itkowitz lied, suborner Pavia's perjury and obstructed justice.

here is a list:
Compromising of Judge Madden
Fraudulent Complaint of non existant leak
Pavia deposition and refusal to allow inspection, no bills or Pics. No leak
Fraud on the Court by Itkowitz
Madden refusal to dismiss and refusal to Disqualify herself

Pavia and Jones apartment & 18 E 73 NYC, subject to 8 Violations issued during relevant times
All Violations sustained, Pavia found guilty and Property found illegal and hazardous to Jones and other tenants that Pavia was Gouging and cheating.

Pavia ordered by ECB and DOB to make immediate repairs. They cheasted lied and filed false Certificates imperiling Tenants aided by Itkowitz who with a Fixed Madden precluded from Evidence

Madden obtained 3 large Boxes of Jones cancer, heart and other Medical Issues from Presbeterian Hospital. Madden Precluded all of that and refused to heed the pleas fro Jones Surgeons and took the lies from sex-Pervert Siebert's Pal who Jones had fired months earlier. Madden refused to speak to 3 of Jones current and prominent Presbeterian Doctors.

Did not and Filed a false Certificate of Correction Lying that the Repairs were made

Itkowitz was involved in these Findings yet lied in Court and instigated a hearing to "preclude"

Madden conducts a kangaroo hearing, with perjury rampant and precludes all current and material Findings that Pavia is a perjurer, the property Hazardous and Jones subject to unsafe conditions

Part of Jones Apt colapsed injuring Mrs Jones, also precluded by Madden

Madden then permits a "nussuance Claim which was in direct contravention ton Statute. Itkowitz and Pavia falsly swore Jones wrote letters to Pavia's office and that constituted Nussuance. The Statute states otherwise.

Pavia Filed a Criminal Charge against Jones for the same charge

Jones hired Ron Kuby Esq and the ADA Dismissed it 'with prejudice" and sealed the file.

Pavia tried to assert the same claim at DHCR and they Denied it.

Jones was Exonerated twice on the  same Nussuance claim, and as anyone knows one can not be tried on the same claim, false or not multiple times.

 Madden Denied Jones Motion and then engaged in fraud at the Court to allow Jones to steal Jones apartment grounded on a illegal and barred claim of Nussuance.

 Then Madden began a crusade with Pavia and Itkowitz to further this racketeering enterprise and steal Jones rights and money. There is much more but as anyone can see Itkowitz in this case alone have shown their colors and willingness to engage in illegal acts to Railroad a Adversary for a Client.

Here Itkowitz orchestrated a racketeering scam of filing a perjured case and from that multiple acts of mail and wire fraud, theft of rent control, theft of money, collusion with a Judge and secretion of other Court findings that were current and very material. Proving the Pavias were corrupt and thieves was very relevant.

Madden's activities we believe will not shroud her with "jidicial immunity" as her acts were not within the scope of a judges"day-to-dey duties. any neophyte can see that Madden's Decisions and Orders were Jaundiced and grounded on intentional Fraud, not just 'judicial error".

There is no doubt "Reasonable Inference" or not that Madden was bribed, Fixed and who when Jones confronted her she spitefully targeted Jones with multiple Judges, the Appellate Division and Luis Gonzalez, Court Referees ans aided in the racketeering enterprise to loot and disenfranchise Jones from his right to Due Process, Obstructed Justice, money laundering and fraudulent concealment in concert with Pavia, Itkowitz in Madden's Court and the Pollution they orchestrated in the entire Courthouse at 60 Centre Street, NYC.

One need only look at the fraudulent Itkowitz Blog where they pride themselves in securing a Adversary Rights by Collusion, bribery, racketeering and larceny and we have the proof that establishes that every statement made by Itkowitz is False and constitures violations of 18 USC 1343. Wire Fraud

Then Itkowitz goes further with their wire Frauds as to the narative of Madden Decisions. The best example is where perjurer Itkowitz states that Madden excluded "ancient and technical DOB Violations". This alone is proof positive of Itkowitz criminal fraud on the court, cheats and perjurers, in concert with Pavia and a corrupted Judge Madden. Itkowitz simply defrauded Jones, and violated their ethical obligations and Disciplinary Rules, and engaged in crimes.

The truth as evidenced by ECB Records, Violations from DOB, Hearings, Findings that the Property was found bt * Violations to be Hazardous, in dis repair, and that Pavia's had erected portions of Jones Apartment ilegally, without DOB approval and without Plans Filed. All of this was not "ancient" and were found to have severly Impacted "safety and welfare of the Jonses and other tenants". In fact part of Jones Apartment Colapsed and Injured Mrs Jones. The portion illegally constructed by Pavias. All of these Hearings, Violations, Findings by DOB and ECB were all during the relevant time that Pavia, Jones, Itkowitz and Kenneth Gomez were in Court and before Madden. All of these relevant and illegal conditions as determined by ECB Court and the Pavia's Forgery and prejured Certificate, and Ignoring that the Jones were subject to found Hazardous Conditions were Precluded by Madden in concert wit Itkowitz, Pavia< Gomez and Madden.

The Further clear proof of Itkowitz willingness to engage in Fraud, corruption and racketeering is out of Itkowitz own mouth in their "Current Copyrighted 2016 Blog and "Link" to it Pages 1-9, in particular page 8. In fact the entire "link" reveals Itkowitz taking caking credit for Maddens Corrupt and Fixed Decisions and Itkowitd lies and racketeering as set forthe above.

If Jay and Michelle Itkowitz or the Pavias have any objection to the contents of this expose, follow our Terms of Use. We again advise you that all of the charges herein are supported by proof and documentary evidence.