Sunday, May 28, 2017


We at the SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT, and AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION  have spent over 4 years of detailed Investigations into many Cases administered by Judge David Chapman (PS2) in the Palm Springs Superior Courthouse, in Palm Springs California. We have reviewed many Rulings, interviewed a number of Victim Litigants and lawyers on the "short-end" of the FIX.

WE have also reviewed the chicanery and ransacking perpetuated by the only two other judges in that Courthouse and well. Haines and Latting. Latting waas a lawyer working for Harnick at Roemer Harnik. Dick Roemer passed away about 12 years ago and Harnik and Gilstrap have transformed the Firm into a cesspool of larceny, bribery and fixes.

We do not make this gravely serious charge without evidence. We also make the same charge regarding Slovak Baron Empy Murphy Pinkery. We have first hand evidence of the Larceny, collusion, ghostwriting obstruction of justice either "set-up" by these Bag-Men lawyers for others and also for themselves and their corrupt Claims and Causes of Actions administered by Chapman.

Chapman was a incompetent Indeo Ca. lawyer in the business of representing accident victims in a 2 man law office. Chapman attended a law school that was not accredited by the Bar Association as it was sort of a mail order school. Chapman can not get a job at any real firm except he can work fot the State. The man is a inveterate liar, thief and sociopath who will take "the eyes out of his mother and say she was born blind". He has no conscience, no integrity and was oddly appointed a judge by Gov. Brown.

CHapman has misused the Public Trust to unjustly enrich himself by orchestrating Fixes, cheating, forgery, obstructing justice, bullying court clerks to disobey the law, used court guards to harass, intimidate and extort his victims and has engaged in a pervasive scheme of judicial racketeering to cause the loss of his targets of millions in exchange for a bribe , a piece of the "action" and the extortion and embezzling of a victim's millions.

So now it is time to be absolutely specific, naming names, supply facts and expose these invidious depraved criminals to the world. These acts we are going to outline here are in court pleadings in the Superior Court, outlined in detail to the Riverside Presiding Judge Becky Dugan; delivered to the DOJ in DC; the CID of the Dept of Treasury in DC, regarding the tax evasion of Briberty and extortion and larceny such as Chapman SBEMP-Murphy and Wells Marvin- Old Town La Quinta looting of the Berger Foundation for $11Million. Chapman has engaged in ordering stalking, trespass, assaults by Courthouse guards and demands that a 78 year old ill litigant these crooks have targeted and stolen millions from, appear in PS2 before Sociopath Chapman when the Sr. Citizen's Doctors have sworn such will be "LIFE THREATENING" . Undaunted, this narcissist Chapman has blocked this man's access to the Court by Court-Call, and now has extorted, looted and verbally attacked this man's wife, as part of a courthouse "sting" to hijack this man's property by Chapman's fraud upon the court, forgery, larceny, fabrication of statements, violations of the CCP, the laws of the State of Califoria, obstructing justice and outright perjury by a supposed judge.

Here is a outline of the facts:

Jim Couri, who has had over 50 years of training and knowledge in state judicial and lawyer corruption was steered to Chapman and the Palm Springs Court by the Feds. Chapman and that cesspool and California State Judges have been a thorn in the side of the USA for years. the PS Superior Court was selected to get a handle on what the heck was going on there.

Jim Filed in 2-1-16, in the PS Superior Court-assigned to Chapman a RICO Case against a group of clear Racketeers operating in NY and California who as part of their RICO Enterprise and violations of Title 18 of the US Code engaged in bribery, obstructing justice, tax evasion, embezzlment, money laundering, bribery, extortion, perjury collusion and mail and wire fraud. These persons are George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia, John Siebert, Joseph M Burke Esq, Sulmeyer Kupetz, David Richardson Esq. The Case outlined clear RICO violations and proved Jurisdiction/venue against Siebert in California. Siebert was also bound by a Restraining Order from 2015 March Jim secured, Restraining Siebert and Burke who used the internet to threaten Murder. Thus regardless of anything else, Siebert was bound to the Jurisdiction of Riverside California as the Rest. Order was issued in PS3 in the PS Courthouse about 10 feet away from Chapman.

Whenn the Case was filed Burke called Murphy seeking help. Not representation as they have used Fixers from LA Sulkmeyer Kupetz. Burke wanted a FIX. Murphy steered Burke to Gilstrap and Harnick as his ADCs in these FIXES with Chapman and others in the 3 man Courthouse in Palm Springs.

After some bartering and then Calls from SulmeyerKupitz Fixer Howard Eherenberg Esq to Myrphy and to Gilstrap, ad with Burke o these calls, a Fix was set up to cause Chapma to use his Judicial power to uconstutionally loot Jim Couri's claims, money and rights in this Case (PSC1600482).

Chapman's skulduggery and dirty work began. First Chapman condoed Richardso Esq of Sulmeyer's hearsay, perjury and fraud, all of which Mr Couri proved was Fraud. Then Chapman condoned Siebert's perjury in direct contravention to the evidence of Siebert's active Nexus to California. Then Chapman falsified the Minutes, the Docket, Ruled that the Motion to Quash the Summons due to supposed 'lack of jurisdiction" should be granted. Yet belied by the evidence and the facts to the contrary. then Chapman Declared Mr Couri a "vexatious Litigant" out of spite and retaliation and his Ruling was based on judicial fraud as Mr Couri has received dozens of Accolades from Feseral Courts for his Litigation decorum.

Chapman simply misused his position to try and Gag Mr Couri who was on to Chapman's judicial racketeering. Chapman then escelated his larceny making threats, demands against Jims Medical Orders> Chapman issued Rulings that were without basis in fact or law simply to harass ad diccredit Mr Couri. Chapma ignored fact ad chose to accept perjury resulting in deprivation of due process and obstructing justice.

Then Jim Issued a Default against George and Antonia Pavia for failure to Move or Answer. The Default wa for $40Millio. Jim demanded the Judgment and demanded that Chapmahn Disqualify himself as he has violated CCP170.3 et-seq in the RICO Case and refused to abide by the Laws of vthe State of California. Undaunted, Chapman Ruled on the Default Orsered a Prove-up Hearing before Hilm or his "prat-boy" the gay Judge Haines.

THen Chapman embarked on a crusade demanding that Jim personally appear in his Courtroom while Jimmwa convalessing from surgery at UCLA.

Chapman engaged in a vicious trail of threats and extortion all documented by us. Finally Jim decided to Dismiss the Claim Without Prejudice as it was clear that Chapman was a polluted Bribed Judge and to obtain Justice was impossible. That was in 2016.

In 2017 Jim's Daughter Lydia (now 36) who is a substance abuser and "bipolar" had rented a condo in La Quinta Ca. The owners turn out to be members of organized Crime (Castiglione). Prior to that Chapman Murphy and Marvin tried to extort jum from reporting a Grand Lacceny involving the Looting of $11Million form the Berger Foundation. Chapman conspired wit Murphy, caused a illegal Restraining Order signed by Chapman, and these crooks trespased, menaced, vandalized and stalked the Property Leased by Lydia.

Then these Castigliones chose to retain Murophy to Extort Jim because he Paid for a Option to Buy the Property Rented by Lydia. Although the Lease is Signed by Lydia ONLY, Murphy, Castigliones and condoned by corrupted ad bribed Chapman, illegally chose to file a UD-Complaint naming Jim and his wife Marlene, neither of whom are named in the Lease as TENANTS or OCCUPANTS. The Lease is the controlling Document not Murphys's lies fraud and hearsay.

Further to that these Mafia Castigliones (Theresa, Vincent and Maria) have engaged in Forgery of Jim's Name on Documents that clearly are not his signature. They also kept ptoposed Agreements and returned them a few days later also Forging their own name after taking Cash from Jim in large anounts, Art work and fine jewelery.

Chapman has refused to Disqualify himlself thus violation California Laws and Statutes in particulatr CCP170.3-c-1-5-6 and CCP170.4-d . Chapman is mandated to cease all involvment in a Case per Statute until his Disqualification is Determined by a Independent Judge and after Hearings where Chapman must Answer for his misconduct the Jim carefully outlined in his Verified Statement and earlier Motion .

Chapman is engaged, yet again. in a pervasive schenme to loot and embezzle Jims property Rights by collusion, forgery, perjury, larceny and extortion.

Chapman has caused Jim to be accosted by Court Guards on 5-11-17 inn the Courthouse Clerks Office resulting in Jim being hospitalized as he has 8 Seents ands a chronic cardiac condition in addition to Stage 4 Cancer. Chapman is a very mentally deranged sociopath, narcissist and a diabolic evil judicial swindler.

He has engaged in collusion with Murphy, cauded the Docket in this Case to be falsified, deprived access to the Docket, caused Clerks Maggie Martinez, Letty Reyna, Gloria and others to forge POS and mail Documents to the wrong addresses. Cause the Docket to be falsified, act in collusion with Murphy to scheme with the Mafia Castigliones to allow claims filed against Jim Couri and his wife (she never had any nexus to the property), and such cliams belied by the Lease.

On May 1, 2017 Murphy and Castigliones Dismissed against Lydia as part of a bribeery scam. Murphy's scam was a fatal error as Lydia was the only Tenantand Occupant to the Property as revealed in the Lease. Murphy in his UD Complaint (that is illegal and UNVERIFIED BY CASTIGLIONES), picks names out of his phone book to extort, malign and harass mr  and Mrs Jim Couri. NOWHERE ARE MR AND MRS JIM COURI NAMED IN THE LEASE AS TENANTS, OCCUPANTS OR GUARANTORS OF THE LYSIA LEASE WITH CASTIGLIONES.

Murphy also belatedly wishes to rely on a supposed 9-12 Assignment of lease to Jim Couri that is Forged and is not even recited in the UD Colplaint by Murphy. Yet all the while Chapman, a Infected Idiot who is RABID to collect his bribes, Ignores all of Murphy's perjury, suborning perjury, fraud, obstruction of justice and Grand Larceny and continues to use his "Black-Robes" to Loot Mr Couri and his Rights.

Mr Couri has set the Stage with us to File in Federal Court SDNY RICO and Constitutional violations as this pattern of Larceny that we were introduced to by the Feds in 2012, has blossomed into a major expose of Judicial Larceny and Racketeering. We have proof of Chapman colluding with Victoria Henley of vthe Commission on Judicial Operformance to "whitewash" Chapmans racketeering. We have evidence of Chpman knowing his Court Reporter Terri Dickneider was functioning in his PS2 without a Renewed Court-stenographers License having expired on 2-29-16.

Chapman demanded that she not produce any evidence yetb the DCA revealed that the License expired and not renewed. Soon after the DCA Files were Forged, a Dickneider Appjication Forged ans a Doctored rdacted Dickneider check was presented. This waas mail and wire fraud instigated by Chapman as we have evidence of Phone admissions from the DCA and the CRB that the Dickneider License WAS NOT renewed until after she Quit the Courts in Aug 2016.

We haveseen proof from Dickneider's bank Account and Statement the PROVES that as of 2-29-16 she did not renew her license, otherwise why would a honest Reporter not simply present her FIRST HAND PROOF of timely Renewal?

Here again this fraud was instigated and orchestrated by Chapman. And all of this chicanery and much more will be exposed in Federal Court and Dickneider will be Forced to appear and tell the truth, not only in a Civil Case but at a Grand Jury.

 We will be presenting more Facts of the Larceny, racketeering and collusion involving these corrupt Actors, and we welcome any Denials as to these Charges as we have all of the Proofs.



Saturday, May 13, 2017


AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS, have been investigating the extortion, larceny, mail and wire fraud, collusion, bribery, threats and money laundering ongoing at SNEMP, with Murphy, Shuttelworth Pinkery Baron Empy and other minions desperate for a score.

We have carefully been monitoring the embezzling, threats and fraud engaged in by Murphy in the polluted Palm Springs Courthouse where SBEMP make their Bones. Pimps in a Small Pond and theit looting extorting their victim Clients and Adversaries. We and THE SCAMS INC GROUP plan to place on our Sites Murphy extorting a SBEMP Victim Client threatening him and stealing the clients Files, Recoprds and money, and according to the Client in concert with Judge Latting also at the Palm Springs "FUNNY-FARM COURTHOUSE".

You see that cesspool has 3 Judges. CHAPMAN, LATTING AND HAINES, all buddy-buddy with SBEMP, Roemer Harnik and a few others that we will not name here. In Fact Mary Gilstrap and Brian Harnik made the FIX with Chapman for SulmeyerKupitz to loot a Vivtim out of well over $40Million by Chapman Judicial racketeering. We have the evidence of Gilstrap speaking with Howard Eherenberg, David Richardson and Joe Burke to set the FIX in motion for Chapman.

All of them also spoke to Murphy and SBEMP to solidify the Bribery. Chapman did engage in Judicial extortion, forgery, collusion, cheating and issuing a plethora of Rulings that were outright Fraud.

NOw Chapman and this time the Gay Judge Haines who recently evicted a 100 year old woman without a minute in deliberation. We have seen Haines Rulings, deprivation of Due Process, condoning Fraud, perjury and Larceny engaged in by Murphy.

He denied a Traverse Hearing so proof of Process Server Perjury can be exposed and the UD Complaint SVtricken and Dismissed. Rather Haines, either a incompetent or a thief chose to deprive Due Process, Obstruct Justice so Murphy and his Mafia Clients can Loot and Rob a Defendants Rights. Haines is a Shadow of Chapman, and when Haines was Disqualified, He turned the Murphy and  Mafia Plaintiff Case to Murphy's Fixer Chapman a proven corrupted Judge without a shred of Morals, integrity and from a Mail-Order Law School. Chapman is a sociopath, a meglomanic and a mentally deranged judicial thief.

We have spoken to many litigants who have been looted by Chapman and his sarcastic and perverted Orders. This supposed Judge believes that he is above the Law, the Constitution, Penal Laws and he CCP. Chapman is a money grubbing violator of the Public Trust as is Haines and apparently Latting (who worked for Harnik & Gilstrap, Part of the "Round Robin" in the Ransacking of the Law in Palm Springs Court

Now what about Murphy and Shuttelweorth at ALL WORLD RESORT?

At this RESORT, then Male Aged Gays meet, cavort Naked and perform SEX ACTS in the open splendor of the Palm Springs Breezes.

Murphy is along with Shuttelworth we have learned, frequent patrons of This Resort, CCBC, THE CANYON CLUB and other Gay Book Stores in Palm Springs and on Perez Road in Cat. City.

Our Investigators has observed Murphy engaging in Homosexual acts in public at All World and at CCBC, as has Shuttelworth and a unnamed Judge. Murphy is a pervert who uses the Gay Equipment such as "slings, Bondage, Leather and othar gay "Equipment" in the public spaces at All World CCBC and Canyon.

This is why Murphy fashions himse\lf a Irish Thug as he is a sexual bully with malliable male sex Toys that "Shaun" can use hios SEX-TOYS on . We have had our operatives at these places and they have observed Shaun and Mark there. Their AKA we are told is "SHAUN BIG MAN" AND "MARK LOVE-IT".


Murphy's Wife will be very shocked when she receives photos of Shaun Big Man at All World engaging in public sex acts, sodomy and oral sex where pics can be taken.

Sex to some people is like a Narcotic particularly Gay Sex and Murphy's use of POPPERS to enhance his extasy.

We will be publishing these pics. Soon and we will; be mailing them to the Press, and to Shaun's wife and his Kids Schools.

Murphy thinks that he can extort, harass, cheat and bribe to loot others without reprisal but he is wrong as persons in glass houses should not extort and threaten othres.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Joseph M Burke Esq. is a desperate rip-off lawyer who is a proven cheat, perjurer and warped 'bust-out". His only remaining "client" is his racketeering associate disgraced sex-deviant Dr John Siebert, who has been convicted as a sex-offender, confessed morally unfit and suspended as a doctor by the NY State Department of Health.

Burke has for over 12 years been engaged in misuse of the Courts to attempt to allow Siebert to loot, steal & embezzle millions, by fraud on the courts, falsification of evidence, forgery, perjury, violations of Releases, covenants not to sue, bribery, purging court files and records, collusion with Referee Jack Suter, ilegally ghostwriting decisions, and extortion, threats and racketeering.

THE SCAMS INC GROUP have been investigating Siebert, Burke Abrams Deemer PLLC and all of their racketeering associates, such as George Pavia Esq Pavia Harcourt Esqs, Kenneth V Gomez Esq and others for yeras. The result is a carload of proof of RICO mail & wire fraud and Larceny in the 1st Degree per Penal Code NY Article 155 Section 155.42;  and Perjury in the 1st Degree, Penal Code 210 Sections 210.15 & 210.20.

Burke and Siebert and Pavia have been caught and convicted of Federal Tax evasion arising out of these courthouse acts of larceny, Money Laundering and thefts.

Recently, these matters have become the Foundation of Appeal Briefs Filed at the Appellate Division !st Department, Brief's that The Scams Inc Group Investigations Department have legally obtained access to.

A detailed review of the Record on Appeal the Moving Brief, the Burke Answering Brief and the Reply Brief reveal a carefully and systematic pattern of fraud upon the Court by Burke, Abrams Deemer, PLLC, disgraced Judge Paul Wooten, repeated perjury engaged in by Burke with intent to lie and cheat the Appellate Division 1st Department and it's Justices, Larceny, Attempted Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Mail and Wire Fraud, all as part of a scheme to unconstitutionally steal and loot Appellant's over $40 Million due to him from Siebert and Siebert's ADMITTED Thefts.

Burke has engaged in these depraved acts of fraud upon the Appellate Courts again and again but now his current Answering Brief is clear and detailed convincing Intentional Proof of rampant Perjury in the First Degree over 15 times; and Grand Larceny in the First Degree as well.

As a result to the proof and evidence, we at The Scams Inc Group Believe that it is incumbent upon  the Appellate Court to refer this criminality to Law Enforcement for Prosecution.

Regardless, we are forwarding a Detailed Report to:
a) US Attorney Preet Bharara, SDNY whose Corruptions Unit have a open Case on these crooks
b) NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
c) NY District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

This form of larceny, perjury and attempted courthouse embezzling of over $40Million by sex-deviants, perjurers, racketeers, tax cheats and disgraced judges simply can not be condoned.

Joseph M Burke Esq is a desperate dangerous person who has conspired with Siebert to hire hit-men and who are subject to a 4 year National Restraining Order for their email threats.

Yet Burke, Siebert and their conspirators continues to lie, cheat, extort and scheme to loot and rob victim litigants. Jail is not far behind for all of them

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Joseph m. Burke Esq (Burke), has been caught engaging in extortion, perjury, cheating, stalking, forgery of court records, bribery and shrouding client Dr John Siebert's and others, sexual abuses of patients.

Burke has been engaged in courthouse corruption for years. Many of his litigant adversaries have reported Burke's misconduct but Burke has somehow been able to cheat and lie his way out up until The Scams Inc Group was informed about this Burke and his underhanded and warped courthouse conduct.

Since about 2004, we have catalogued Burke being engaged in lying and cheating in multiple Courts in NY, California and elsewhere. Scams Inc has established by documentary evidence that Burke has violated multiple Rules of Lawyers Professional Conduct with impunity. We have proven that Burke has engaged in the following dishonest and corrupt acts:
fraud upon the courts
money laundering
mail fraud
wire fraud
purging court files
filing forged documents
 forgery of pleading exhibits
suborning perjury
interstate threats
obstruction of justice
ex-parte acts with judges
denial of due process
unconstitutional taking of property
cheating & Racketeering
aiding sex pervert Siebert in molesting patients
aiding Siebert in defrauding patients
aid ing Siebert in looting patients
aiding Siebert in defrauding Department of Children & Families
Filing false documents with Banks, Federal & State Agencies and NY Court Registration
Tax Evasion and fraud

  These above are some of Burke's invidious activities that Scams Inc Investigations have evidence of spanning about 12 years of research into Burke's corrupt activities.

Burke, since about 1988 to Jan. 2015 was a partner with William Russo in the Partnership, Russo Burke at 600 3rd Ave. NYC on the 15th Floor. During that time Burke was engaged in his Racketeering acts, perjury, fraud and falsification of evidence. Burke was finally caught in his diabolic activities and Russo terminated his relationship with Burke in Jan. 2015.

Burke had in Dec. 2014, with Abrams and Deemer, two light weight crooks, formed "Abrams Deemer PLLC" and they conned a old lawyer who was retiring to sub-lease his small Room at the Helmsley Building on Park Ave, to Abrams Deemer. So Burke moved his racketeering to Park Ave. It is important to note that Abrams and Deemer worked with Burke at 600 3rd Ave in Russo's office suite, so they were and are intimately and actively involved in Burke's racketeering, money laundering and fraud upon the courts.

Burke has caused Siebert to file Fraudulent Federal and State Tax Returns and Siebert has been caught. Burke has aided Siebert in secretion og Siebert's looted moneys from Freedom Wireless Holdings Companies that Siebert has stolen from others.

Siebert has in concert with Burke engaged in money laundering, embezzlement, perjury, extortion, and tax fraud. Burke has orchestrated the corruption of Judges in NY County Supreme Court in concert with George Pavia Esq, his wife Antonia Pavia and adult children Jullian Pavia and Phiolippa Pavia. All of these Pavias were beneficiaries of another Tax Evasion Scheme of robbery og a $15Million Property from A relative without consideration. They were also caught by the IRS in 2015.

Burke is a corrupt contaminated thief. He has defrauded the Courts, failed to legally inform the Courts of his affiliations as mandated. He has lied, cheated, bribed, defrauded, extorted, harassed, and has been engaged in plots of bodily harm against their victim, in concert with Siebert. This resulting in the securing by the potential victim of a Nationwide Restraining Order.

Burke now is 'on the run". He has been caught "red-handed" engaging in racketeering, mail and wire fraud, cheating multiple courts and multiple judges, resulting in decisions procured by Burle and Siebert's fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice.

Burke is a sociopath and a warped person who has the ethics of a rattle-snake.

Scams Inc believes that Burke will soon be Disbarred and criminally charged for his plethoria of crimes and misdeeds. This Lawyer Burke and this Doctor-Thief-Pervert John Siebert are menaces to the Public and must be caged in a prison.

Burke has been involved in the Siebert money laundering schemes for years.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Scams Inc Group, of which Americans Against Corruption is a Affiliate, has been assembling evidence of the rampant cheating, dishonesty, obstruction of justice and collusion ongoing in California State Courts in concert with many lawyers and firms who form "unholy alliances" with cheating, incompetent and depraved burglars disguised as "Honorable" Judges.

We are a group of unbias forensic news reporting organizations. We investigate and assemble evidence and move wherever the proofs take us. We do not create evidence, it is created by the fingerprint by the perverted and dishonest acts of the corrupt and warped judges, lawyers and court officers that we investigate. We have been engaged in these important activities for 10 years and some of our control persons and affiliates have been involved in exposing corruption and violations of the Public Trust for over half a century.

Our Country is in grave trouble. It is divided as never before. Corruption is rampant as persons in even marginal positions of power are only interested in themselves and ripping-off ill-gotten gains so that they can have a better "something". Lying, cheating, extortion, bribery and shady dealing is blossoming like weeds. As these self indulgent crooks continue their stings, they are killing the great America that our Founding Fathers labored to create.

We have been involved in assembling evidence of State Court and legal corruption for over 5 years at the behest of Federal Authorities. We have established ourselves, by the background and reputation of our founder, to have the talent, ability, time and resources to ferret and get the facts and evidence of massive amounts of State Court Judicial racketeering, fraud, collusion with lawyers who bribe them, and obstruction of justice. We have been able to learn from informants and our own investigations, without FBI involvement, evidence of political corruption within State governments, agencies, legislatures, as well as in the State Courthouses.

These areas of Judicial corruption, bribery and underhanded activities, depriving litigants of a honest court, via judicial forgery, tampering, cheating, extortion and racketeering has gone far too far and the Federal Government will soon be stepping into this. Without a honest state judiciary, without honest lawyers and without honest public officials, our great Country will continue to sink into anarchy and the courts of Third World Countries. Then what will happen is that greedy and thieves have "eaten" the golden goose that has provided Americans with "eggs" of freedom to pursue with dignity our desired endeavors. We, as Americans, cannot be subjected to criminals shrouding themselves and their skulduggery in a $20.00 set of  black-robes.

These corrupt thieves of the Public Trust, cheaters of the Rules of Law, bullies of the Courthouse and the contaminated lawyers (who bribe these rip-off underhanded state judicial greedy incompetents), will be exposed, "rounded-"up, indicted and convicted. Our 10 year old Organization has assembled volumes of evidence of State Judicial, political and lawyer racketeering, forgery, theft, bribery and collusion from New York to California.

When the new Administration is in place and the Justice Department and the Department of Treasury are up to speed, we have provided a carload of evidence of criminality, tax evasion, offshore banking, money laundering, etc., as we were called to accomplish.

We have gone where the proof has taken us and we have, (as a result of our diligent research, finding of evidence of judicial larceny, mail and wire fraud, obstructing justice, collusion with corrupt lawyers, trickery, artifice, forgery of the Court Minutes, backdating, racketeering, depriving due process collusion and extortion), assembled a plethora of evidence regarding Superior Court Judge David M. Chapman, presently assigned to the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside CA, Superior Court, in Courtroom PS2.

Judge David Chapman has mutilated the Rules of Law. He has misused his Courtroom to engage in Fraud Upon the Court, lying, cheating, Obstructing Justice, collusion with corrupt lawyers, refusing to disqualify himself, issuing Decisions in contravention to the Facts and Laws, self-dealing, Depriving Due Process, engaging in retaliation, harassment, violations of Mail and Wire Fraud Statutes, underhanded attempts to aid criminals in the unconstitutional taking of money and property, money laundering and other illegal acts.

The systemic State Court Corruption is so pervasive that the "toothless-tiger" of the State Judicial Performance Board, is a "Rubber-Stamp" of condoning corruption and chicanery, and well known as such.

Chapman has intervened in his Court Reporter's failure to Renew her License. We have assembled competent Proof of this non Renewal of Terri Dickneider's License # 5031. Yet the matter has exploded to the CRB and the DCA in Sacramento, Forged Renewal Certificates, phony evidence and failure to produce actual Proof of such Renewal by Dickneider's un-tampered check and relevant bank statement. Our informants have established that the Dickneider License was not Renewed before its lapse of 2-29-16, and that Chapman has caused this string of a fraudulent scheme of mail and wire fraud. Why? Because an unlicensed Court Reporter is a crime and all of her Chapman Transcripts are a Fraud Upon the Court as Dickneider was a officer of the Court, before she quit on July 29, 2016.

Chapman has no conscience. He is not only a incompetent crook, but a desperate and unethical judge.

Lawyer Shaun Murphy is a well known crook, as we have been scrutinizing Murphy and Slovak Baron Empy for 5 years. They are liars, cheats and have misused the Palm Springs Court as their own private fiefdom corrupting court cases with the "round-robbin" of fixes ongoing in this polluted Courthouse with two main judges as crooked as a corkscrew.

James Latting is out of the bowels of Romer-Harnik. Now Dick Romer was a fine person and a dedicated lawyer, but after he passed away about 10 years ago the Firm was ripped-off by Brooklyn fixer Brian Harnik and his ADC Mary Gilstrap. These two make up another group of corrupt lawyers who call the shots at the Palm Springs Courthouse. We have charged tis about 10 minths ago and asked for "Denials", no denials have been made and we believe we have the proof of this "musical chairs" in this cheating arena.

Recently, our founder uncovered a series of frauds, extortion, threats, money laundering, racketeering and larceny engaged in by a Wells Marvin, his "Old-Town La Quinta", looting of a charitable foundation known as Berger Foundation for $11Million, filing a dishonest and illegal contract demanding Vendors sign and extortion by phone, wire and mail. Marvin, a trapped rat, went running to his lawyers Murphy and SBE, who created the scam agreements to loot the Foundation by fraud.

So Murphy, an inveterate fixer and thief, went running to Judge David Chapman, caused a fraudulent and perjured Restraining Order  to be issued out of the Palm Springs infected Court, and proceeded to have a group of thugs appeat at this man's daughter's home over 7 times. This was after the security persons at the complex repeatedly advised that their recipient did not reside there.

Yet Murphy orchestrated these thugs to trespass, vandalize, bang on walls, yell and scream and then stalk, follow and harass an uninvolved victim of the Murphy, Marvin and Judge Chapman's scheme. The License Plate from California (6WWH307 on a Toyota Scion) was taken as the person who stalked the car and blocked its egress from the house and the gated complex. These thugs lied, conned and trespassed onto private property by fraud and driving through as at the time new front Gates were being installed.

This stalking, harasment, trespass continued for over 10 days while the supposed "respondent" was hundreds of miles away from an uninvolved yet targeted property and persons. All the while, Judge Chapman knew and should have known that these crimes were being engaged in by thie issuance of this "BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE"  fraud by Marvin and Murphy, concocted to Gag the exposing of a major Fraud, Tax evasion and crime of racketeering.

As any informed person can see, the activities engaged in by Judge Chapman, SBE, Murphy, Marvin and others in concert are a disgrace and a perversion to California Law, the Canons of the Judiciary, the Rules of Professional Responsibilities, the Federal and State of California Codes and Laws, the US Constitution and the California Constitution.

The Scams Inc Group are and have been dedicated to expose, report and aid Law Enforcement in the sanitation of State Court Judicial dishonesty and racketeering. Resulting in the public exposure, removal and jailing of the cheating, corrupt swindlers with a law certificate (some obtained via some "mail-order" law school).

These warped thieves will soon see and feel the sting of Justice in living color. It has been long in waiting but it is around the corner, including the Criminal Division of the IRS for Bribery of Public Officials , undeclared income, standards of living and much more.  STAY TUNED.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Americans Against Corruption Reports were alerted by a informant early in 2016 as to the "time-warp" activities ongoing at the "Old-Town La Quinta" California complex of stores, restaurants and office space then headed by Berlin Born Wells Marvin.

We were advised that this guy Marvin apparently perceived himself as a SS officer under Hitler, and marched around the Old Town Complex "barking" orders and demands as if he was the commander of Auchwitz. Our Informants reported that Marvin enters stores and restaurants making unwarranted demands, bullying tenants, abusing shoppers, and if a tenant does not succumb to Marvin's often wild demands, they are targeted, harassed and maligned with the Marvin intent to interfere with the Shopkeepers rights.

Marvin, as a kid was brought up as a spoiled "mamas-boy" in Berlin. He was as a kid, backward and socially inept. It is apparent by Marvin's conduct, he learned the Natzi bullyism and warped and perverted manner early on and this decorum has festered in Marvin and blossomed into a warped and twisted adult.

Marvin had a tenant/restaurant at Old Town known as "Hogs-Breath Inn" a restaurant created by actor Clint Eastwood. Marvin began to harass the Manager of Hogs-Breath. We have been told this Marvin perverted abuse was spawned by Marvin's demands for free "Eats". True to form, when Marvin does not get what he wants, he begins his crusade of harassment, threats, and other invidious acts. You see, Marvin is just like all Bullys, they will bo as far as you allow them. If these sociopaths see that you succumb to their abuses they will escilate their infected tactics until you are "toast". On the other hand, if you "spit-in-their-eye" they will back off and run crying to "mother". Marvin is a adulterated unprincipled and evil man. He is a frustrated wana-be social outcast. He lived in Ankara turkey for a number of years after Berlin and Marvin used his Nazi training in Turkey as to how to abuse and mistreat women.

When Marvin came to America, his "die was cast" as a bully, a tainted diabolic bastard. he then went to a third-rate law school "Santa-Clara U" a un-accredeted Law-School. Got his "Mail-order Degree and then met and married Karen. Marvin's depraved activities apparently became far to much for Karen to endure. Marvin's personal deamons got the better of him. His personal and physical ineptness caused Marvin to escilate his mistreatment of Karen, and of his associates.

Marvin, by a stroke of luck and timing and some underhanded macinations along with others with money built Old Town Complex. This was a "Perfect-Storm" for Marvin the Bully, Sociopath and fraudster. Marvin glad-handed the local politicians, lured many as tenants and created a "time-warp" complex in La Quinta, and commenced running it like Auchwitz. the montra: "IT IS MARVIN'S WAY OR THE HIGHWAY". But with Marvin it is worse than "a Highway" If Marvin feels that you are not subservient enough to his polluted whims he will target you, your business, your clients, patrons and your ability to conduct your business.

Marvin, we have been advised has targeted many including Hogs-Breath, until they had enough and vacated their space in Old Town. We have interviewed a number of Old Town Tenants and all of them Fear Marvin and his Reprisal if they speak out about Marvins Comandant Natzi abuses.

Marvin has become even more depraved as he has been cuckolded by a number of his female companions we are told even his wife, who divorced Marvin. Then has long time "gal-Pal" could not take Marvin's socially inept conduct and pompus-ass decorum so she abandoned poor Marvin, so his frustrations, and his being abandoned by women has made a man rittled with inferiority complexes to finally "go over the ledge". Marvin knows that he is desperate for illusive love as no woman wants a phony, a bully and a cheap unethical odd-ball. So Marvin takes out his rejections on others.

We have learned that Marvin has recently abused his position, lureing innocent Artists and designers into a supposed Art Fair and has concocted Agreements that ate against Public Policy, illegal and deprives a person who has the misfortune to be conned by Marvin, from any recourse when Marvin cheats them.

We have been apprised of recent misconduct by a number of Old-Town Tenants who were accused of Conversion of customer property, assault, battery, thnd thefts. When Marvin and his minion Kevin Dolan were advised of these criminal acts, rather than take action against the tenants Marvin and his pimp Kevin Dolan Targeted the Informant, threatened him, abused and extorted him by phone, and email and has used acts of thefts of rights, chicanery and retaliation to try and deprive the Informant of his Civil Rights and recind Agreements that are legally Binding on Marvin and Old Town.

Marvin then states that he is "CONNECTED" and he will use ihd Big-shot lawyers Slovak Baron Bmpy Murphy Pinkery, to further extort, file for a unfounded Restraining Order and other abuses of the law to cover-up Marvin's own illegal conduct and the criminal activities of His own Tenants.

Marvin has no problem "Ripping-Off" anyone he can to saciate his lust for self unjust enrichment and self boasting. Marvin is a "little-man" unacceptable by the Social World he so desperately wants to be a part of, Not the Desert world but the Bright Lights of New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Berlin and Switzerland. Marvin dreams of being a "big-boy" socialite with a beautiful woman in his bed.

Marvin sadly is a socially inept depraved who is relegated to one of these "Blow-up" sex toys that look like a beautiful dame but deflates as Marvin does. So Marvin continues "business as usual" pushing his  flabby bulk around and tries to make his day a bit better by threatening, extorting, embezzling and cheating others who are less able to protect themselves or who are stuck into a Marvin Self_Styled unethical Lease Agreement a-la Marvin.

Marvin has now found himself in a very grave problem as he has recently threatened and extorted a person who will not countenance Marvin's evil and warped Flim-Flam and who has already caught Marvin in a scheme to embezzle rights and cover-up various illegal enterprises ongoing at Old Town and under the aegis of Marvin who like the Mafia Don gets a Piece of everything ongoing at Old Town legal or illegal.

Marvin feels complacent with his lawyers SBEMP, and his "connections" but this shady dealer, Marvin is in for a big surprise, as we have his MO, his fraudulent acts, his pathetic background and his corrupt activities.

It is sad that a pathetic "love-starved" monster Mr Wells Marvin, with a dilusional mind is thus far permitted to extort, abuse and double-deal citizens of La Quinta and America. A visual examination of this disgrace to the rights of others, will reveal a pig-faced flabby and warped pervert. A examination of Marvin's conduct, misconduct and rampant threats, lies, cheating and extortion reveals a penny-ante thief, cheating persons who can not defend themselves in retort of Marvin's larceny. So this swindler has gotten away with his lunacy and larceny until now.

We and our Affiliates are engaged in a full investigation into Old Town, Marvin, his extortion, bribery, tax evasion, Mafia style abuses, cheating a worse. This is the beginning Expose about the Depraved Individual Wells Marvin and his Enterprises of looting, thefts and decay.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Dr John Siebert has been convicted as a sex predator and a morally unfit Doctor by every Hospital and Medical Institution that Siebert has been associated with. He has been convicted by the NY State Department of Health in 2013, after Siebert was charged by the State as a Sex Pervert and mollester of Patients. Siebert Confessed, found to be "MORALLY UNFIT", and kicked out of NY State as a Doctor.

Siebert was evicted out of 5 NY Hospitals, Fired by NYU_ Langone Hospital, Fired from Lenox Hill Hospital and all others in NY State and every where else in the USA. Siebert has ZERO Medical Standing or access to the Operating Rooms of any Legitimate Medical institution in America, except one, UW HOSPITAL in Madison Wisconsin.

Dr Joh Siebert is a masogenist, a sex predator, a pedophile a convict of sex crimes, and a pervert who has molested and injured over a dozed Patients at multiple Hospitals. UW Hospital has been provided this Proof, Victim Patient Affidavits, NY State Removal of Siebert as a sex offender, proof that Siebert is a sociopath, perjurer, tax thief, sex rapist of his patients emotions, money and bodies.

Siebert was caught engaging ion sex with patients in Clinic Examing Rooms, Phone Sex, stalking Patients, Extiorting some who testified against Siebert at various Sex Trials and Hearings where Siebert was found GUILTY of Sex Crimes, yet UW Hospital keeps this sex criminal on their Staff.

Scams Inc has delivered to Ron Slawinski, UW President, the UW Trustees and Faculty, for over 6 years, proof of Siebert's Convictions, Terminations, sex acts and Affidavits from Siebert's Victims.

Victims of Siebert have provided proof that Siebert has swindled Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, Bill Padding, unauthorized sale and use of Narcotics, sex assaults on patients who have wittnessed Siebert's acts of being a "pedophile". Siebert was charged as a Pedophile and Investigated and is now in the "PEDOPHILE DATABASE IN THE USA".

Siebert has been convicted of Tax Fraud and Evasion. Siebert has been verified as a Perjurer. Siebert has been engaged in bribery, Stalking, extortion, embezzling, criminal Racketeering, and interstate threats.

Siebert was Convicted and a Permanent Restraining Order was imposed upon Siebert for hie Internet Threats of Murder, and Investigated by Law Enforcement. Thus a Superior Court Judge Issued a Permanent Restraining Order Nationwide against Siebert, that he has violated recently and may soon be arrested and tried for such violations.

Siebert is aman who knows no boundaries. He is Unfit to be a Doctor anywhere. He has no self control, he has no morals.

Recently, UW Hospital and Siebert began to Con the widow Of Mr Hendricks who inherited a fortune. UW Hospital knowing Siebert's Complete Criminal Background, but inorder to loot and rob Hendricks and others, UW Hospital Published and disseminated a Bogus and fraudulent PRESS RELEASE, lying and stating that Siebert has a "pristine background, is a researcher and a preeminent surgeon. This Fraud lured Hendricks to "Donate' to UW Hospital over $2Million, and to Hire as a Director of Hendricks Medical Foundation "Research Division".

UW Hospital in concert with Sex predator and thief Siebert simply ganged up on Hendricks, lied and cheated in the Press Release and robbed over $2Million, by a criminal Fraud, Mail and Wire Fraud and Violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343, Federal Crimes.

UW Hospital must be held accountable for not only acting in concert with Siebert a convicted sex predator, but a convicted tax cheat, a perjurer, cheat and worse.

There can be little or no doubt that UW Hospital condones Siebert's sex crimes, sexual assaults and battery, and condones Siebert's frauds in conning Diane Hendricks. UW Hospital and it's Trustees are no less guilty of Criminal Fraud than Siebert, UW President Ron Slwinski and others on UW Faculty, all who turn a Bilnd-Eye to Siebert's Crimes.

UW KNOWS that Siebert is and has been a Creiminal for well over 7 years, yet, UW welcomes Siebert to continue his perversions and Larceny.

UW Hospital Knows that Siebert is a Fraud regarding PARRY ROMBERG SYNDROME. Siebert engages in charlatan swindles by giving desperate parents heart-sick as to the facial deformities of their kids due to Parry.

So Siebert concocted a bogus syrhery that is a sham, charges a fortune, UW Hospital makes out like a Bandit with OR , Rooms, and other services, while Siebert butchers these Kids.

It is well known in the Medical Profession that Parry is incurable and surgery is contra-indicated until the Progression ceases. Any Surgery before that is like trying to mix "oil and water". No matter how hard you Mix, in seeconds, it separates.

Siebert this socip[oath-pig, forces these desperate Famlies to raise money by selling their Possessions, have "Street-Fairs" etc to give Siebert the thief these Persons "Blood-Money".

If Siebert were a Legitimate Doctor, which he is not and never has been, Siebert would Donate his time for free to aid these kids. Rather Siebert and UW Hospital exploits these persons for their own unsust enrichments.

Scams Inc Investigations are being given by Siebert Patient-Victins Audio Recordings of Siebert engaging in phone sex with the Victims. We are also being given som additional photos of Siebert "Masturbating" taken by another Siebert Victim.

As soon as these are received and evaluated Scams Inc and All of it's Affiliated Sites will Publish all of these pieces of evidence so all can see the REAL SEX PERVERT-PREDATOR JOHN SIEBERT.

UW Hospital and it's Trustees are no less Unfit and are sex predators themselves for allowing this manifestly unqualified  medical huckster-carpetbagger JOHN SIEBERT to rape, loot and extort innocent Patients that enter UW Hospital for Medical Care.